About us

Sinhagad Bike and Hike (SB&H) is an activity where we cycle 18 kms from RajaRam Bridge (RRB) to Sinhagad base (Aatkarwadi),  Park the cycle at the base, then hike (by the trekking route) up & down and finally cycle back home after an optional short tea break.

The hike up is ~2.3km with ~515m of elevation gain. A regular SB&H person will do this workout in 3h 40m (RRB to RRB) including all the breaks.

In all it is a 4 hours ‘home2home’ a no nonsense activity done at a decent pace. After all you do not wake up at 3.40am for a leisurely workout. At the same time you have to work the entire day without feeling tired. Even then cycling is at a moderate speed and certainly not leisurely.

Over the years many more folks joined, became regular Sinhagad Bike and Hikers and all have reaped benefits of it. Those who know about SBnH will agree that it is a challenging event, which tests your physical as well as mental toughness. However, all the efforts invested in it, provide profitable returns, guaranteed! As Doc Sandesh Doshi says, it is a totally paisa vasool workout.

Regular Weekly Events

Meet us on Every Thursday for the Weekly Event. There are some guys who are doing this weekly workout on Saturdays, Sundays and even on Mondays. Let me know if you are interested to join on a particular day and we will help you connect with the relevant group of people.

Contact Dr. Sandesh Doshi (9822031839) if you are interested to join the weekly activity and other activities that may be in the pipeline..

Stay tuned on the website and the Facebook page for the event updates.

Join Us for the Next Weekly Event


Join us for the Annual event on every Last Saturday of April. You will have to register for this event as it is strictly against registration. The event Registrations open at least month in advance, but gets filled in matter of hours. Make sure you visit the website to stay informed.