• I’m not confident about doing BOTH, bike as well as hike together, but I’m still interested in the event, can I attend?
  • Sure! In this edition, as long as you stick to the time schedule given above, you can choose to do the bike routine and whatever you can manage of the hike section, depending upon your fitness and endurance. We strongly recommend doing both however. Dede Westbrook Jersey

  • What time should I arrive and where?
  • Report at RRB sharp at 4.40am (or earlier if you are coming in a car since you will need time to to park your car safely either on Sinhagad road or best parked on the DP road near Vitthal mandir on the other side of RRB) since the flag off is at 5am sharp. In case you get late, please carry on and try to catch up with rest of the gang en-route. Remember, in morning time flies fast and before you know you are 20mins late. While reaching RRB, dogs can trouble you. Best way is to travel in-group, speed up if necessary, and shout loudly at them and in worst-case stop dead if dogs do not give up chasing. In our last 5years of BnH not a single time dog has bitten anyone.

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  • What should I carry with me?
  • Helmet is mandatory. No participant will be allowed to participate without the helmet. Other items: front and rear lights, water bottle with Enerzal (or similar), small backpack, cycle lock, nutrition bar or energy
    bar and some cash etc. It is desirable to also carry cycle puncture repair kit, spare tube, air pump and tool kit since this is basically a self supported. In worst case you should be prepared to put your cycle in a tempo and go home.

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  • What are the charges for the event?
  • No charges for the weekly Thursday rides.
    For the Anniversary rides:-  *3.9% + ST charges (service charge and gateway fees) are extra and will be borne by the participant on the total amount. The fees (registration, jeep, cycle rent, Tshirt) once paid are not refundable, although you can transfer them to your friend in case you cancel for some reason)

    Please note that while you do online event registration, when you are buying an optional additional tickets such as T-shirt or Cycle rental or Jeep transport etc, you will be required to fill in all the details again since the software treats each registration as a separate registration and gives us a separate list of each tickets.Sorry for this additional trouble but it helps us find out exactly who has booked and what!

    *Service charges and Taxes may vary from year to year.

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  • What is included in the BASIC registration fee ?
  • This being a self-supporting event, the registration fee includes overall event management, enroute vehicle back up support, drink at the top, goodies bag, participation medal, water & breakfast at the bottom and the event experience.
    Gifts from sponsors are not part of the registration fees. These are complimentary from the sponsors. We shall try our level best to give you as many gifts as we can but in the event we are not able to get them from sponsors for some
    unforeseen reasons beyond our control, we cannot pass them on to you.

    Sponsors reserve their right to change type /quantity of the gift and may even cancel their gift or support altogether depending upon their financial constraints. Every year, all the sponsors gave what they promised and thus, we are positive that we will get full support from them. The gifts are given to participants on first come first basis and
    subject to availability. No arguments will be entertained in case someone does not receive any gift in his goodies bag.

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  • How much water should I carry?
  • Usually 700cc water is sufficient for 18k cycling. There is no provision of en-route water station (either in cycling or hiking section) and should you require water/food en-route, you will have to buy on your own.
    On the Annual Anniversary events:-
    You will be given packaged drinking water at Gurudatta hotel (for you to top-up your water bottles) and limbusharabat at Sinhagad top . Other than these two locations you will have to buy at your cost.

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  • Great! Now, how do I register?
  • For the weekly rides, inform Dr. Sandesh Doshi, through Contact us page on the website, and be present at RRB at 4:20am. The weekly rides are open for all to participate and free in every sense.
    On the Annual Anniversary events:-
    Simply, click on the tickets link(On Mera Event Page) of this event and register before the event closes. Collect the event bibs and the goodie bags on the day declared by the organisers. And be present with your bike and necessary stuff at RRB at 4:40am or before, on the race day.

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  • I grossly over-estimated myself. I am reaching late everywhere. Will I miss limbusarabat and tea + breakfast, if I miss the time deadlines mentioned in the itinerary?
  • For Weekly rides:- No, the vendors are open all day. And you can buy it from any vendor available.
    On the Annual Anniversary events:-
    No. Those who get late everywhere, will still get limbusarabat at the top and tea + breakfast etc. at the base (subject to the vendor’s working hours), but they will be on their own for the rest of the workout unless they cut short their hike and join us forreturn leg of cycling with us at 8.30am.

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  • What are the timings of back up vehicle and ambulance?
  • For Weekly Rides:- No Ambulance and Backup vehicle arranged by organisers. It is a self-supporting event.On the Annual Anniversary events:-
    Both will be available from 5am to 9.30am. If you waste unnecessary time in hiking or cycling section or if you are late for some reason, you have to manage on your own. Ibraheim Campbell Authentic Jersey

  • What is included in refreshments?
  • For Weekly event:- You can buy refreshments at will and availability at the venue or
    on route.

    On the Annual Anniversary events:-
    This may vary year on year, but we try to provide as below:-
    One glass of Limbusarabat at the top; one cup of tea and 2 dishes (pohe or sabudana khichadi) breakfast at the base. Remember breakfast is at Gurudatta hotel at the base and not at the Sinhagad top.

    Above: 4 year’s Limbusharabat and breakfast coupons for reference! You will be given coupons for limbusharabat as well as breakfast against which you will be issued the refreshments. The coupons are valid only on that day up to 11am. Unused coupons cannot redeemed nor the amount refunded later.

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  • What is the minimum age limit to participate?
  •  Minimum age for participation is 18 years unless they are accompanied by a guardian. ?Any minor who participates without an accompanying adult does so at his own risk and organizers are not responsible if anything happens to them. Read the indemnity document carefully. We will email you the indemnity document (or give you a link from where you can download) before every event.

    INDEMNITY FORM IS GIVEN IN THE TERMS AND CONDITION SECTION. It will be emailed to you. For sample please refer to this Indemnity form of the previous year’s event: 



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  • What are the refund policies?
  • On the Annual Anniversary events:-

    The registration and other fees (Jeep, Rent a cycle, T-shirt) once paid are not refundable at any cost. We have however no objection if you want to transfer your registration to your friend in case you have to cancel your participation. Just inform us as to who is participating on your behalf. Even if you are not able to participate, we still suggest you to come and collect your goodies bag. It will be lot more worth than the basic registration fees that you paid.

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  • Will I get my goodies bag if I cancel my participation?
  • On the goodies bag collection day (Friday 28th April 2017) we shall wait up to 8pm for you to collect your goodies bag. If you inform us about your cancellation and request us to reserve your goodies bag well in advance, we will keep your goodies bag provided you collect it within 1 week after the event. If you neither turn up nor inform us till 8pm (on the goodies bag delivery day) your registration as well as your goodies bag stands cancelled and we are at liberty use them to accommodate spot registrations or do whatever we feel appropriate with the left over stuff. Read below for more details about goodies bag venue and collection date.

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  • Can I just do hike if I don’t have a cycle?
  • On the Weekly rides:-No, cycling is compulsory to take part in this event. If you do not have a cycle, you can rent a cycle.

    On the Annual Anniversary events:-

    No, cycling is compulsory to take part in this event. If you do not have a cycle, you can rent a cycle. We have tied up with rental services for this. You have to pay additional amount to rent the bikes. Rates are as per the vendors regular rates. And will be declared in advance.. You will get cycle + Helmet at Rajarambridge from where the event will be flagged off. Your cycle will be picked up at Rajarambridge after completion of the event. In case you do not want to ride back and have made your own arrangement for your return journey, your rented cycle can also can be picked up at the base of Sinhagad (after you finish hike down) provided you select that option while booking. 

    So, tie those shoelaces tight, prepare those cycles right, and join us in this one of a kind paisa vasool workouts!

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Disclaimers, Terms and conditions:

  1. Participants will be participating in this event at their own responsibility.Organizers will not be held responsible for any mishap, or damage, injury to them or the cycles. Before you join the event you will have to sign up an indemnity form the details of which will be given later.
  2. This event is not a race.So ride safely and look after your fellow participants.
  3. There are no prizesfor those who finish first. However if you complete the routine in a very good time, we will be pleased to post your timings provided it is supported by a competent app like Strava, Mapmyride, endomondo, runstastic or similar.
  4. Cycle Rental Services Companies will be providing cycle rental services. In case you do not want to cycle back, they can pick your cycle from Sinhagad base provided you select that option prior during the event registration.
  5. If there is any disputearising out of rental cycle arrangement due to cycle damage or other issues etc, the participant will have to address it directly to Service Partner and pay the damages if necessary. The organizers shall not be responsible whatsoever even if the damage has been caused accidentally by some other participant. In such an event it is duty of the cycle owner to collect the damages from the person who has caused the damage, albeit unintentionally.
  6. There will be no finisher medal or certificate issued. The medal will just be a participation medal.
  7. Backup vehicleis primarily for the cycle breakdowns and not meant to ferry a tired participant and his cycle back home. The support vehicle supplied by service partners will have a technician with some commonly required spare parts (on saleable basis). He will do minor repairs such as chain malfunction or puncture and get the cycle going. If things cannot be managed, then the cycle will have to be kept in the back up vehicle. The vehicle can house up to 5 cycles with their riders. In case anyone wants to use the back up vehicle facility simply because he is tired to ride back, may do so subject to room available and in the event a genuine guy requires to use the vehicle then the tired guy with good cycle has to get down and ride back home.
  8. Ambulance backupis to take care of any health issue during the event such as fall or injury or any cardiac issue. The injured person will be taken to DeenanathMangeshkar hospital. Please do not participate in this event if you are not used to long duration endurance rides. Do not use this event to do your stress test. There are lots of cyclists in this event so make sure that you do not entangle with other cyclists.
  9. Remember this event is basically a self-supported event.Fortunately we have luxury of both Ambulance and vehicle backup services. These are being provided complimentary from the sponsors on "best efforts basis". Although organizers will make every effort to help you in case of an emergency, organizers cannot be held responsible for any lacunae in services. Do not fight or argue with the sponsors or the organizers on trivial issues. We want to do this event in a positive manner and in good spirits. Let us not spoil it on small issues. Should there be any dispute, the decision of the ORGANIZERS will be final and binding on the participant.
  10. It is the responsibility of the participants to ensure that they are reasonably fitto undertake such a hardcore event.
  11. This event is done to promote awareness of fitnessby means of this combined Sinhagad Bike and Hike routine. Organizers will not be held responsible for any health issues (including loss of life, partial or full disability) arising out of their participation.
  12. Parking of the cyclesis on "park at your own risk" basis. Every effort will be made to safeguard the cycles. However should there be any theft or damage to cycles whatsoever, the organizers will not be held responsible. Any person who does not agree to this should not participate in this event.
  13. With more than one editions,we now know how difficult it is to manage such a big crowd. We are taking every precaution and effort to ensure that this event goes smoothly and becomes a huge success. However if they’re any mistakes, goof ups or lack of services, we request you to kindly and graciously forgive us. Moreover with tiny fee, we request participants not to have undue expectations. If one has realistic expectations, we are sure this event will become a mega hit.

Goodies bag collection will be at Yash eye clinic and laser centre
Address : Yash Eye Clinic and Laser Centre,
S. No. 26, Plot No. 81 & 82,
Shop Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 13,
Kalakunj “F” Apartments,
6th Lane Dahanukar Colony, Opp. Nirmal residency of lane 17.
Kothrud, Pune - 411038.
Tel:- Clinic 020-25384958.  +912025384958. Website-www.yasheyeclinic.com

Google map   https://www.google.co.in/maps/place/Yash+Eye+Clinic+and+Laser+Centre/@18.4975793,73.8100289,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x3bc2bfc6ac6b1b43:0xb0ff2311ba21bb12