Terms & Conditions

Anniversary special event of Sinhagad bike and hike. (Terms and conditions, Jeep
transportation, Do's and Don'ts and Indemnity form)
Dear Friends,
To avoid un-necessary hassles, misunderstandings and disputes, following rules and regulations are laid down so that the event ends in good spirit and on a positive note.
 Remember this event is primarily a self-supported event although we are lucky to have support of so many sponsors. Though you will be provided limbusharabat at the top of Sinhagad and tea + breakfast after hiking down to Gurudatta hotel, for the rest of the event, participants are expected to make their own hydration arrangements.
 Packaged drinking water will be provided at Gurudatta hotel from where you can refill your bottles before beginning your hike.
 All participants must sign an indemnity form at the time of goodies bag collection. If they cannot come personally, they should take a printout, sign the same and send it through their representative for the goodies bag collection. Without this participant will not be allowed to participate in the event.
 Helmets, front headlight and rear lights/blinkers are compulsory for all cycles. Cyclists without helmets will not be allowed to participate. We will be riding in dark until 5.50am and we do not want accidents only because somebody did not see something because of poor light.
 Anyone who is not wearing the helmet or not having proper light shall be riding in the event at his own risk and the organizers are not responsible if something happens to them.
 Report in time to the event venue at 4:40am. Flag off will happen sharp at 5am.
 All participants are expected to consult their physician and undergo complete medical examination to assess their suitability to participate in the event.
 Assume all risks associated with participating in this event including, but not limited to, falls, contact with other participants, the effects of the weather, including high heat or humidity, traffic and the condition of the road, arson or terrorist threats and all other risks associated with a public event.
 Abide by the cut-off times. This is not a race but still it is a time bound event. You must do this entire Hike and bike routine from RRB to RRB in 4hr 30mins including all the breaks. One must complete RRB to Aatkarwadi cycling in 70mins.... cycles parking 10mins…. Walk 400m to start of hike up point in 5mins.... hike up in 55mins.... limbusarabat break in 5mins.... hike down (or jeep down) in 45mins.... breakfast in 20mins...return cycling back to RRB in 60mins. Please
refer to the itinerary in the event description.
 Accordingly volunteers will wait for 20 more mins before they are released from their assigned duties and spots.
 Those participants who find it difficult to meet the timing cutoffs at every point, we would recommend that they should cut short their hike part and turnaround at 7.45am irrespective of where they are so as to be able to be back at the breakfast area by 8.10am.
 Those who have booked an optional Jeep option must note that the amount that is collected per person is on 10 people traveling together basis. Jeep/jeeps (depending upon number of tickets) will be ready at 7.15am at the car parking area at the top. They will leave whenever seats get full. The last Jeep is instructed to collect the remaining people and leave at 7.45am.
However this Jeep will wait max up to 8am (or more subject to approval from fellow participants) to collect as many participants as possible (those who have booked jeep option. Then the Jeep will leave with whatever people in it. Those who miss this jeep cut off time have to pay on their own to other jeeps, which will be readily available there, being Saturday. The organizers will not refund amount for unused coupons due to missing of the time cutoff. Those who are not sure to meet the Jeep time cut off should start from RRB a little before scheduled flag off of 5am. Do this however only if you have powerful enough light and that too at your own risk.
 Those who want to do the entire bike and hike routine at a pace slower than the stipulated timings may do so but at their risk and on their own. They would still get limbusharabat and breakfast on producing the respective coupons, subject to the respective vendors working hours. These coupons are valid only for the event day up to 11am or vendors working hours
whichever is lesser.
 To encourage the participants, we shall give participation medal even if they do not fully complete the entire bike and hike workout. The participation medal will be given at the breakfast area. However those who complete the bike and hike routine within the stipulated time stand to get the medal at the hands of celebrity participants. Those who arrive so late that even
volunteers have left, will also get the medal. All they have to do, is ask Mr. Jedhe of Gurudatta hotel to hand over the medals against producing the breakfast coupon.
 We do not have any provision for giving any certificate.
 Understand that the event goes through the roads in the city that may have vehicular traffic especially on the return journey. Though, our volunteers will take care of managing the traffic, you are requested to watch and be careful of vehicular traffic. We request total co-operation from participants in this regards.
 Although our event ends officially at Rajaram bridge, for all practical purposes it ends after the breakfast. We shall start the return cycling leg from the Gurudatta hotel sharp at 8.30am. The vehicle backup as well as the ambulance support will also start at the same time. Both these support systems will be available up to 9.30am only. These support systems are given
complimentary by the sponsors and they will handle any grievance or dispute as per their policy.
If you find any discrepancy in the description, please feel free to bring to my notice (M-9822031839.
Email: sandeshketaki@gmail.com) and it will be immediately corrected or rectified.
What is jeep transportation?
 Jeep transport is from Sinhagad top (car parking area) to Sinhagad base, Hotel Gurudatta at Aatkarwadi where breakfast will be served.
 It is on sharing basis with 10 people in one jeep only for those who have prebooked this facility.
 Last time we had to book 3 jeeps. This time we do not know how many will opt for this option but we have provision to arrange for enough number of jeeps.
 This is not part of basic registration fee. It is an optional service provided by us at bare minimum cost to the participants. Amount may vary and thus will be declared every year
 To avail the jeep transport you have to select ‘jeep transport’ option and pay at the time of online event registration.
 In case you have missed this during the initial online event registration or realize that you need
that option, you can still book later by revisiting the event registration link and pay for that
What could be the reasons to opt for jeep transport?
 To safeguard knees during hike down.
 Too tired to hike down.
 Trailing behind schedule given in the event itinerary.
As organizer of this event, we are unable to know the exact purpose of your booking.

Jeep transportation guidelines.  Please study them well and take action accordingly.
 Each participant (who has opted and paid for the jeep transport) will be given a ‘Jeep transport coupon’ in his goodies bag. Make sure it is in the goodies bag while taking the delivery.
 We will be having our Jeep contract person who owns a jeep. His Jeep and telephone number will be provided. You can also identify his jeep from a sign board on the roof top which says "Sinhagadche Raje" (सिंहगडाचे राजे).
 Jeep Vendor, in addition to his jeep, has been instructed to hire additional jeep/s depending upon total bookings. Each jeep will ferry 10 passengers on sharing basis.
 As soon as the participant finishes his Limbusharabat drink, he has to rush to the car park area without wasting his time. Keep an eye on your watch.
 The participant has to hand over the Jeep Transport coupon to the Jeep Vendor( mostly Mr. Rahul)
 Jeep Vendor will direct the participant to the concerned jeep.
 The jeep/s will be ready at the Sinhagad top (car parking area) at 7am.
 After 10 participants are accommodated, first jeep will leave for the base say at 7.15am.
 Assuming we have enough bookings, the second jeep will take another 10 passengers and is expected to leave at around 7.30am or as soon as the seats are full. So on and so forth.
 The last jeep will accommodate the remaining participants and leave at 7.45am. In case there are people yet to arrive, whether to wait or how long to wait, will be subject to approval from fellow participants who have made it in time. The last jeep will leave for the base of Sinhagad with whatever participants in it.
 Those who miss the 7.45am cut off will be lucky to get the jeep if the jeep decides to wait for remaining people. It would not be fair to those people who have made it in time, to wait for late comers after a certain time.
 In other words, if you cannot make to the parking area on or before 7.45am, you are probably going to miss your jeep transport.
 After 8am, none of the registered jeeps will be available. Of course other jeeps are going to be there since it is a Saturday.
 Participants who miss the registered jeep transport (for whatever reasons) and still want to come down by jeep, can still do so by using other jeeps available there but at their own cost.
 Participants deciding at last minute that they would need a jeep transport will not be accommodated in our prebooked jeeps even if there is a room available. This decision has been taken because the other jeep operators had objected to this last year since this takes away their business. Hope you understand this issue.
 All jeep registrations, once paid, are NON-refundable.
 Our volunteers of course will be there to guide you and help you. They will be released from their assigned duty at 8.15am.
 Since mobile network is an issue at Sinhagad, we will not be calling any participant as to where he is or how long he is going to take to reach to the car parking area.
 Those getting late in the hike up section must take a decision at 7.45am whether to continue
hiking up at the risk of missing the jeep timing cut off or to turn around and start hike down.
 If you think you may miss any of the above jeep cut-off timings, you may choose to start from RRB 15-20minutes before the official flag off time of 5a.m. However please do so only if you have very good front light and of course at your own risk.
Should you require any clarification on this please feel free to communicate with Dr Sandesh Doshi.
We would love that all those who booked for jeep transport, are able to make it to the top in time and are ferried down to the base of Sinhagad.
 Do collect your goodies bags on the mentioned date. Bring all the necessary items with you that you may require.
 Do sign an indemnity form without which you will not be allowed to participate.
 DO make sure the previous night that you have everything ready that is required for the event.
 Do attach the participants’ identity badge/ bib to your cycling jersey or T-shirt (somewhere where it is easily visible by our volunteers). We cannot otherwise identify who is our participant or not. Volunteers will be wearing a similar badge/bib with ‘Volunteer’ written on it.
 Do keep a check list of items that you require such as cycling suit, gloves, helmet, water bottle filled with water + electrolytes, lights charged, blinkers tested, tire pressures checked, sundry cash kept in a plastic pouch, refreshment  (and jeep if applicable) coupons, spare tube, puncture kit, tool kit etc.
 Do wake up at least 1 hour before reporting time. Time flies esp. in the morning and before you know you will be late at least by 20mins. You would not want to miss a mass flag off and an energetic atmosphere of 200 cyclists. In case you do miss the flag off, you have to try and catch up the guys who have gone ahead.
 Do eat something before coming. A banana or a chocolate bar would do. Coming on an empty stomach is not advisable.
 Do wear a Helmet, get good front light (cycle or headband) and rear lights for your cycles. If your light is not powerful you may cycle along with someone who has a better light. It is worth buying a good quality LED front light with Li-Ion rechargeable battery if you plan to do this activity on a regular basis. A fall or an accident (and a subsequent hospital visit) just because
you did not see a something in time will probably cost you many times more a cost of good front light.
 Do reach the venue on time i.e. between 4.30am and 4:40am. If you are planning to come by car, ensure you arrive early enough so as to find appropriate parking space on Sinhagad road or on DP road near Vitthal mandir on the other side of Rajaram Bridge.
 Do remember to fill your cycle water bottle and bring it along, as there is no provision for en route water station either while going or while coming.
 When you drink water from the water bottle while riding, remember that it could be a bit tricky with so many people riding together. You could accidentally drop your bottle or could lose your balance or could get your cycle entangled with a fellow cyclist and both may fall. Do not make any unforced errors.
 Do make sure that you know the road to Sinhagad. It is presumed that everyone who has registered knows where is Donje phata, where is Sinhagad ghat road (Golewadi) and where is Sinhagad Paytha (base) at Aatkarwadi. For an uninformed participant, we would like to state that you have to leave the main tar road and go straight at Donje phata when you see the roadside board stating Panshet 19Km to the right / Sinagad 10Km straight / Donje 0Km. Our volunteers will be there to guide you towards Sinhagad. Golewadi is the area where Sinhagad ghat road goes up on our left. Aatkarwadi is a few km ahead which is at the base of Sinhagad
and the road for our hike.
 For those who are from outside Pune, here is the Google map link: From Rajaram Bridge /chowk to Hotel Gurudatta, Aatkarwadi.
 Do study this well and know where is Donje phata where you have to leave the main road and go straight to Sinhagad.
 https://goo.gl/maps/Tpj76WADc632
 Do follow traffic rules while cycling. You cannot suddenly change your lane without giving a warning to your fellow cyclists. If you see a pothole at the last minute, before you dodge to avoid the same, make sure there is no one beside you and only then you change the lane or else you go through that pothole. Expect a lot of vehicular traffic on your way back home.
 Do keep one puncture kit between you and your friend. That way you can divide the weight during the hike leg and still be prepared to handle any puncture. Do keep some money handy.Giants back up vehicle will have spares on saleable basis and they will make every effort to get your cycle going. Understand that for 200+ participants it could be difficult for a single vehicle to
attend to many breakdowns and it is advisable to be self sufficient should your cycle suffer some trouble.
 Keep Enerzal or similar energy drink handy for an emergency.
 Do carry an energy bar, which you will possibly require after 18k cycling when you reach Sinhagad base.
 Do refill your water bottle after the cycle leg at the Gurudatta hotel. This would normally be sufficient for the hike up part. There is no provision of water station on hiking route. Of course you can always buy water from many vendors en route, should you fall short on water.
 There is nothing to get lost on the hiking route. Gurudatta Hotel to Limbusarabat spot via trek route (Hiking section – 2.4Km)
 https://goo.gl/maps/asNoLJvek6n
 Do carry your refreshment coupons. After hike up you will get one glass of limbusarabat against one coupon, (additional at your cost). Breakfast is after hike down (or jeep down for those who booked that transport) at the Gurudatta hotel. And do not worry; Jeeps will drop you at the Gurudatta hotel and not at the base of the ghat at Golewadi. You will get Tea + heavy yet limited breakfast. Menu is fixed. Drinking water that is served is bore-well water (which we havebeen drinking all these years) however packaged drinking water is available at your cost.
 If you do not want to wear your helmet during the hike leg, make sure that it is included in the cycle lock while parking. That way you won’t have to carry them in your bag! We recommend that do not keep valuables or expensive cycling accessories on the cycles. Remove them and put in your backpack while hiking up. We cannot take responsibility for any theft or loss of
valuables although the parking area is well secure and entirely be managed by Giants people. There is no facility for the baggage counter however.
 Do keep a track of time and target to complete each leg of the event within the timing deadlines.Else you will have to ride back home in scorching sun unless you make an alternative arrangement to take you home with your cycle.
 Although this is not a race, do record your timings for each leg of cycling as well as hiking. We will be most happy to publish your timings if they are supported by proper proof such as strava, Endomondo, Mapmyride, Garmin or similar. Record you cycling time from RRB to Aatkarwadi (Gurudatta Hotel) in minutes. For hiking timing we have finalized the hike start point as the point
where the cement road ends and actual hike begins. Start your stopwatch as you step on the hike up start and stop when you reach the end point of hike, which is when you reach the steps at the limbusarabat area. Remember, while climbing up Sinhagad, there is nothing like moving time. Therefore instead of using an app, which give you moving time, we recommend you to use just simple stopwatch. It is independent of GPS and gives most accurate time.
 Do ensure you finish the hike down leg and reach Gurudatta hotel by 8:10am. If you find it difficult to finish timing cut offs we recommend you cut short your hike and turnaround wherever you are at 7:45am to ensure you reach Gurudatta hotel in time for breakfast.
 Do cooperate with the volunteers’ en-route. Since we will have over 200 participants it will be chaos unless we listen to their instructions and give them support.
 Do help your fellow participant in case of any problems with his cycle or his health. Alert volunteers/ambulance in case of any emergencies.
 Do smile for the camera! There will be photographers covering both the cycle and trek route waiting to click your pics! One quick selfie on the hike up or down section is alright but do not spend lot of time in photos. Remember this is not a picnic and the time restrictions that we have laid down are bit tight.
 In case you want your friend or spouse to pick you up after the hike up, from the top car parking area, this is how that person should reach from Rajaram Chowk (RRB) to Sinhagad top car park via ghat road (24.1Km) https://goo.gl/maps/fV9QAPQZcNA2
 Do NOT race. The event is a time bound event but NOT a competition. Your only competition is with yourself. There are no prizes.
 Do NOT continue if you start feeling uncomfortable of uneasy at any point.
 Do NOT park your cycles in haphazard manner at Gurudatta hotel. We are specially erecting a bamboo structure for an organized way system seen in duathlon or triathlon for quick and safe parking. There will be 6 rows of horizontally placed bamboos at 45-48 inches from the ground. All you have to do is lift the cycle from rear and hang by the seat.
 Do NOT leave any valuables/ or expensive accessories on your cycles at the parking. The organizers will not be held responsible for any loss of belongings.
 Do NOT spend too much time after reaching the top of trek route. We have given only 5 mins for the limbusarabat drink. The event does not end there. Also, there is very little space available on top so it is recommended to have your refreshment and leave immediately. Our volunteers will facilitate speedy process in this area.
 Do NOT take short cuts while hiking up or down. If you get lost, we cannot trace you. Taking short cuts while hiking down is not advisable unless you are an expert hiker. One accidental fall will spoil your mood and our mood. Besides there is no medical support en-route hike section. So please do not fall. Pay attention to where you are laying your feet or else it is too easy to fallon face.
 Do NOT depend on the backup vehicle to support you throughout the leg. Backup will be provided only for cycle failure/breakdown. Please carry your own puncture kits and spare tube.
 Do not forget to refill your water bottles at Gurudatta hotel before you start your return journey.